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Logging Batch Utility (LBU)

Batch Processing for WellVision and ALOG Files

If you have a bunch of WellVision or ALOG files that require reprocessing, or want to extract some basic statistics about a channel in a file, Logging Batch Utility (LBU) can help.
Download the latest version here. Downloading this software binds you to the DGRT Terms and Conditions.

Supported files

  • WellVision *.well
  • WellVision *.info
  • ALOG *.0-b files

File Selection

  • WellVision *.well folder. Processes all runs in a well
  • WellVision *.info file or run folder. Process only the run selected
  • WellVision *.wvpj folder. Processes the entire project
  • ALOG *.0-b files in a folder. Processes all the files in the folder

Processing Features Overview

  • Filter data by sonde model and serial number
  • Apply external mapping (calibrations), filtering and even gather statistics on any data channel
  • Select only the channels you want in the LAS export
  • Flexible. 'pseudo LAS' export to better suit import in to spreadsheets
  • Configurable. Save your settings (e.g. calibration files or output selection) for next time.

Mapping(Calibration) Support
Each channel can be specified to have the following types of mappings performed.

  • Linear, with optional offset
  • User look-up table with optional scale factor and multiple interpolation options
  • Single variable formula

Filtering Support
Each channel can be specified to have the following types of filtering performed.

  • Triangular weighted moving average.
  • Rectangular weighted moving average
  • Time constant smoothing filter
  • User custom filter kernels

Change Log

    • Version 1.1
    • Added basic support for offsets in calibrated WellVision channels
    • Version 1.0
    • First Release

Known Issues and Limitations

  • The processing of channels is not recursive.
  • The exported format is different (more comprehensive) then WellVision.
  • Some of the LAS exported features (versions etc) are incomplete. Suggested version 2.0 only
  • At launch, a dialog asking about spectral data is shown. Press OK to continue
  • Doesn't export calibrated data from ALOG files.

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