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Wireline Borehole Cameras


Wireline Camera, Borehole CCTV Inspection camera
Wireline Camera for Borehole CCTV Inspections
Use your existing 4 conductor wireline winch for borehole inspection

  • Standard 4 conductor wireline
  • GO 4 conductor cable head
  • Built for pressure at depth
  • Adjustable LED brightness
  • Onscreen depth
  • BYO laptop/smartphone/tablet (or all at once) for viewing and control

Works with software you already have
Recording and control of our camera systems is all done via a web browser and the built in WiFi network of the camera system. No drivers or acquisition software is required. Playback and download is also directly available in the web browser or your faviour video player.

Wireline Camera, Borehole CCTV Inspection camera

Digital Recording on board With digital onboard recording, the length of wireline does not affect the quality of the image. Footage is recorded into internal memory of the camera sonde, with a preview video stream transmitted via wireline for live control.

Simultaneous Forward and Side viewing
Forward and 360 degree sideviews are recording in seperate files at the same time. The entire hole is captured in one pass with out needing to choose which camera to look at like competing systems.

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