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Auslog Support

Legacy Auslog Products
DGRT provides the most comprehensive and complete range of spare parts for Auslog sondes, Winches and DLS units available. We also provide downloads and direct support for WellVision and other Logging software to run the Auslog equipment at the bottom of this page.

Supporting the complete range of wireline products
We service the entire Auslog product line. Some of the more popular equipment we service includes:

  • All Auslog Winches, including:
    • Four conductor (W600-4,W2000-4)
    • Single conductor (W450-1, W600-1)
  • Mighty Cam Systems
    • Camera head
    • Winch
  • All Auslog Sondes, including:
    • Auslog Gamma (A631, A031, A075, A088 and others)
    • Auslog Dual Density (A605 and others)
    • Auslog Verticality (A698)
    • Auslog Full Wave Sonic (A799)
  • Auslog Loggers (Digital Logging System)
    • DLS4 and DLS5
  • Logging software WellVision, ALOG and AUSWIN (available here)

Why choose DGRT for Auslog Servicing?
Our servicing is done by Auslog qualified technicians, ensuring the correct operation of your equipment. Our staff have extensively used Auslog equipment in real world field conditions and can help you with any problems you may experience.

Please note that downloading software from the DGRT Website is subject to the DGRT Website Terms and Conditions. Software is provided as a convenience and DGRT does not take responsibility of its fitness of purpose of use. Use at your own risk.

WellVision Tool files and ALOG setup files
If you need tool files for your gamma logging systems or any other Auslog sonde, please contact us

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