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Wireline Winches

Wireline Winch Borehole WinchWireline Winches Manufactured in Australia
Laminar Wireline Winches provide multiple safety benefits and strong performance in a compact design. Their small footprint and flexible mounting options make them easy to install. Programmable depth and speed make them very easy to use across capacities from 600m to 2000m. 100% manufactured in Australia.

Reliability and Durability
Oversized bearings and structural components provide a strong winching platform for long term durability. Powerful motors and smooth running gearboxes give trouble free winching operation. The electronically controlled cable spooling also removes the need of gears, chains or belts, reducing the number of moving parts significantly.

Laminar Wireline WinchAcquisition System Compatibility
Laminar Winches use industry standard, four core or single core wireline cable with Gearhart Owen style wireline cable heads. Straight through signal wiring allows simple interfacing with wireline acquisition systems from any manufacturer.

Depth/Speed information is available as a quadrature signal pair, with a software adjustable pulsing factor to best suit the acquisition system used.

Laminar Winches have successfully been used on the following acquisition systems:

  • DLS5
  • Matrix

Sonde Compatibility
Programmable depth and speed control make Laminar Winches a superior choice for all types of wireline sondes including:

  • Continuous or North seeking gyroscope sondes
  • Verticality sondes
  • Production and Exploration logging
  • Density, Gamma, Electric sondes, etc
  • All purpose wireline logging

Outstanding regulation of low logging speeds make Laminar Winches ideal for:

  • High resolution Acoustic or Optical Scanners
  • High resolution Spectral Gamma Sondes
  • High resolution Full Wave Sonic logging
  • Synchronised multiple winch logging

Laminar Control ButtonsRemote Control and Indication
Along with digital depth and speed readouts, all the standard operating features of Laminar Winches are accessible via the standard remote hand controller, including:

  • Starting and Stopping the winch
  • Setting the current depth
  • Setting logging speed and target depth
  • Spool/Cable Lay adjustments
  • More in features

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