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Rental Terms and Conditions

1. The following terminology applies to these Rental Terms, Conditions and Proposal and any or all agreements: “Client”, “Customer”, “Hirer”, "You” and “Your” refers to you the company, organization or individual seeking to hire equipment from DGRT Pty Ltd.

2. “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “We” and “Us” refers to our company DGRT Pty Ltd. “Party”, “Parties”, or “Us” refers to both the Client and ourselves.

3. The term “Rental Equipment’, “Equipment” refers to “Sondes”, “Winches”, “Cameras”, “Ancillary Equipment”, “Software” and “Spare parts”, “Consumable parts” or “Consumables” used in the previous.

4. The rental of equipment will commence on the day after equipment is despatched from DGRT Pty Ltd premises by being collected in person or by being consigned by some mode of transport.

5. Minimum charge for rental of equipment is 1 day of the equipment’s nominated rental rate.

6. The rental of equipment will terminate on the day the equipment is received at the DGRT Pty Ltd premises by DGRT Pty Ltd personnel.

7. An invoice will be rendered by DGRT Pty Ltd either at the END OF EACH MONTH or the TERMINATION of the rental. Rent is to be paid in Australian dollars unless a previous agreement has been made in writing.

8. A written order is required before any equipment can be despatched. Acceptance of delivery of the equipment is considered proof of acceptance of these Conditions and that the equipment is considered in good working order at time of delivery.

9. The customer will not sell, offer for sale, assign, mortgage, pledge, or sub-let any of the hired items.

10. All rentals are subject to DGRT Pty Ltd General Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict between the terms or conditions within this document and the General Terms and Conditions this document will supersede the General Terms and Conditions in that instance.

11. The customer must hold all relevant and statutory licences required for the use of the equipment where applicable.

12. The customer will not remove, tamper with or modify any safety related equipment, guarding or signage.

13. The customer is responsible for all charges relative to shipment of the equipment both from and to the DGRT Pty Ltd premises. The customer is responsible for all damage in transport. DGRT Pty Ltd will invoice the customer for all repair costs. Claims against transport companies must be made directly by the customer.

14. An itemised check-list of all items supplied is included in the shipment. On receipt of the shipment the Customer should check all items and advise DGRT Pty Ltd of any errors. No claims against missing parts will be accepted after 7 days of customer's receipt of rental.

15. The customer warrants by his/her rental of the equipment, that he/she is familiar with same and the proper use thereof and agrees to assume any and all risks incident to the care, handling and use of the equipment from the time of its delivery to the customer. No reimbursement will be made to the customer for any costs that may be incurred through the malfunction of any rented equipment caused by improper usage or rough handling.

16. The customer is responsible for insurance against loss or damage to the equipment.

17. The customer is responsible for safekeeping of the equipment and at termination of rental shall return it to the DGRT Pty Ltd premises in good order and condition as received, reasonable wear and tear accepted.

18. The customer is responsible for the cost of all repairs not considered as reasonable wear and tear.

19. The customer is responsible for payment for all items not returned at termination of the rental.

20. No claims for credit will be accepted unless agreed in writing by both parties prior to the date of invoice of the rental.

21. Any delay in the return of rental equipment will incur the daily rental rate unless arrangements have been made prior to the end of the initial rental term.

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