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Wireline Borehole Cameras

Wireline Camera, Borehole CCTV Inspection camera
Wireline Camera for Borehole CCTV Inspections
Use your existing 1000m 4 conductor wireline winch to run a borehole CCTV inspection camera!

  • Standard 4 conductor (with Armour) wireline
  • GO 4 conductor cable head
  • Built for pressure at depth
  • Adjustable LED brightness

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Wireline Camera, Borehole CCTV Inspection camera

Video Overlay
Borehole camera system includes video overlay with depth, sonde temperature and operator notes all visible on screen. The included full sized keyboard makes navigating menus, adjusting brightness and composing notes simple.

Designed with the same philosophy as regular wireline sondes, our borehole cameras are built for daily operation. Its head on viewing design gives the most rugged sonde while providing a complete view of the borehole.

Borehole Camera
Need a complete camera system?
We also provide Well-Vu borehole camera systems which come with 300m or 450m reels and viewing systems.

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