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Wireline Cable and Wireline Cable Heads

Wireline Cable

Stocked Wireline Cabling Product
DGRT stock a range of wireline cable and special purpose cabling including:

  • 3/16th 4 conductor armoured wireline
  • 3/16th 1 conductor armoured wireline
  • 1/10th 1 conductor armoured wireline
  • 8 core polyuréthane jacket with kevlar filler
  • Multi conductor industrial signal cable

Wireline Cable heads and adaptors
We manufacture single and four conductor GOI type cable heads for 1/10th and 3/16th wireline cable. We regularly design and manufacture custom adaptors to match cable heads to sondes.

Wireline Fitting and Retermination
DGRT provide fitting services for all types of winches and termination of cable-heads. Complete field kits with spare parts and tools necessary for re-termination are also available.

Selecting a Wireline Cable
Our range of Wireline Winches utilise 3/16th and 1/10th wireline to customer's specification.
Multiple conductor cables provides multiple circuits required for more complicated wireline applications, while the single conductor is lighter and more space efficient in terms of winch capacity.
For more information regarding our wireline cable products and services please contact us

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