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Wireline Winch Features

Winch Mounting

Compact foot-print and Flexible Mounting
A Laminar Borehole Winch provides you with space saving mounting options. Cable can exit the winch in many directions, allowing vertical or horizontal orientation of the winch. The sophisticated remote hand control also allows the winch to be located in hard to reach and obstructed locations, as you do not need to interact in normal operation.

Electronically Controlled Speed and Depth
Other winches might have dynamic braking. We don't. We have the Laminar speed controller which provides a high degree of accuracy in maintaining a constant wireline speed regardless of direction. Innovations including preset speeds selection and automatic acceleration and decelerations make Laminar borehole winches a pleasure to use.

Digital Readout
No mechanical counters or bulking depth displays required. Depth and speed is displayed numerically on the Hand controller at all times.

System Interfacing
Wireline and depth signals are directly available for easy integration with other systems. Signal converters and connectors are available on request.

Adjustable Electronic Cable Laying
No gears or chains are used to lay cable. Manual adjustment is accessible via remote control for trouble free operation.

Powerful and Simple Remote Control
All operational parameters of can be adjusted via the hand control.
Laminar Hand Control

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